From Pennine raves to the Pyramid Stage.

We’re obsessed with sound. We live for it.

Our musical journey began in the 90s, but it really kicked up a gear with some raves in the Pennines ten years later.

It was 10am on a sunny Sunday morning. The last of the ravers from the night before hobbled off towards a nearby village. As we packed the equipment in to a battered old transit we had a moment of realisation. Our passion wasn’t performing, it was making the performers sound better.

And that was it. From that day onwards we’ve been fixated on making bands and DJs sound the best they possibly can. Sub Pressure was born.

On The Road

We've spent much of the last ten years on the road touring with Blossoms, Twisted Wheel and Inspiral Carpets as their FOH sound engineer. Those adventures have taken us all around the world; touring through Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Russian, Hong Kong and Japan. Some highlights include the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury in 2019, and Wembley Stadium in 2018.

Warth Mill, Diggle